Digital Artworks

The Neighborhood, Feb 2020

Excuse my horror vacui, but I really enjoyed making this. 

The initial idea was to create a cramped and busy vertical neighborhood. They have no electricity, and they use barter for business. They also take turns passing and relaying produce, and packages through pulleys and ropes attached to the walls. I would like to explore this world building more in the future.

This has been in my WIP folder since I started it back in July 2016. But I didn't work on this religiously since then, just a few days each year that followed. And then, 2020 came, and I decided that it's time to close it (65% of this was actually all done in January).


Below is its set of time-lapse process videos.

(adverb) : To what place, purpose, or end

Sept '19

Dead of Night, Oct '19

Potted Plants, One Afternoon, Sept '19

What Happened to My Day? July '19

December '17, for a cardio lab.

Dream Camp

April '15, the image is meant to be rotatable (if it's even a word >u<)

A short time-lapse of the making of Dream Camp

One Summer Day

August '14

A short time-lapse of the making of One Summer Day

Questions Unasked

August '15

A short time-lapse of the making of Questions Unasked