Other Projects

Sven's Top 13 Football Moments

Project under Rocketsheep Studio for FootbOlé.

I was its project managerco-designed its characters and backgrounds, co-animated it. I also did its animatics.

Potchi Cartoon Series

Project under Rocketsheep Studio for Columbia Candies. I did the final background design graphics of the whole series.

April Fronda 2D animation, Saving Sally, Little Lights, Robuboy, April Fronda Freelance animator, April Fronda freelance graphics designer

Amazing Tale

Project under Rocketsheep Studio for Nestle PH Nido 3+.

I was its head graphics artist, and co-animator. I also did its animatics.

A & R Save-the-Date

A short stop-motion animation I made for my ​lovely cousin and her soon-to-be husband.

I worked on (almost) everything in it, from the art direction and creation of the pop-up until filming and editing.

Awesome Together

Project we did under Rocketsheep Studio for Kenny Rogers Roasters . I was one of its animators.

Bulilit’s Sangkap Sigla Song

Project we did for Nestle PH Cerelac.

I worked on its concept art, characters and background designs, and asset building.

Bam-Bam Waaahh-able Kimchi Fried Rice

A personal project about my favorite Korean food that time, Kimchi Fried Rice, done back in 2013. 

I did its animation, graphics, editing, and sound design. I worked on it alongside my good friend, Bebbles, who helped in the conceptualization and co-direction. 

Enzo and Julie Ann Wazak

Project under Rocketsheep Studio for GMA's noon time show. I worked on it as its co-editor.