Other Projects

Sven's Top 13 Football Moments

Project under Rocketsheep Studio for FootbOlé.

I was its project managerco-designed its characters and backgrounds, co-animated it. I also did its animatics.

Amazing Tale

Project under Rocketsheep Studio for Nestle PH Nido 3+.

I was its head graphics artist, and co-animator. I also did its animatics.

April Fronda 2D animation, Saving Sally, Little Lights, Robuboy, April Fronda Freelance animator, April Fronda freelance graphics designer

A & R Save-the-Date

A short stop-motion animation I made for my ​lovely cousin and her soon-to-be husband.

I worked on (almost) everything in it, from the art direction and creation of the pop-up until filming and editing.

Awesome Together

Project we did under Rocketsheep Studio for Kenny Rogers Roasters . I was one of its animators.

Bulilit’s Sangkap Sigla Song

Project we did for Nestle PH Cerelac.

I worked on its concept art, characters and background designs, and asset building.

Bam-Bam Waaahh-able Kimchi Fried Rice

A personal project about my favorite Korean food that time, Kimchi Fried Rice, done back in 2013. 

I did its animation, graphics, editing, and sound design. I worked on it alongside my good friend, Bebbles, who helped in the conceptualization and co-direction. 

Enzo and Julie Ann Wazak

Project under Rocketsheep Studio for GMA's noon time show. I worked on it as its co-editor.