Photography (and Travel Videos)

A page for all the photos and videos I liked taking and editing. As a personal hobby, I always think of how subjects are framed best, or at least according to what I like. 

Almost all photos and videos were taken using my old, trusty NikonD5000 with 50mm lens. Only a handful of the footage were taken using GoPro.

11th of Summer

Saigon, Vietnam

A personal project from my escape-sort of solo trip to Saigon in April 2012. It was meant to be a narrative short film about the 'constant search.' I edited it as soon as I got back, but I only came up with an existential-shitty edit.

After more than a year, I picked it up again, scrapped the previous edit, and finally came up with this -- 11th of Summer, a short video with messages for my present-and-future self. April 2012

City of Angels

I loved LA's street art scene and its distinct unique image. I had fun editing the video as well. May 2017

Buffalo, New York

May 2017

Washington DC

Most were taken at the Smithsonian museums. May 2017

Amish Village

A trip to the Amish community allowed me to further appreciate simple living and their utilitarian aesthetics. May 2017

Baltimore City, MD

May 2017

From All Over